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How do I keep my shampoo bar dry?

2 years ago


How do I keep my shampoo bar dry?

2 years ago

Keeping your shampoo bar dry in between washes helps it to stay mush free and importantly, last longer.

Avoiding a mushy, messy shampoo bar is essential if we’re all going to start using plastic free haircare for the long term!

Here are our top tips on storing your shampoo bar in between washes, so you can enjoy your shampoo bar for longer.

Nut and Noggin shampoo bars last twice as long as a regular shampoo, saving x2 plastic bottles being made and saving on unnecessary trips to the supermarket.

Preventing mush between washes was one of the main customer issues we found when they bought shampoo bars. 

Before we launched, we trawled Amazon reviews, customer reviews on Instagram and Facebook and Google. We found hundreds of comments, feedback and inspiration showing us how we could could try to improve on existing products with our shampoo bar.

We set about creating a ‘less mush’ formula, no tins included because we could see that these weren’t too popular or effective either.

So here are our tips on how to keep your shampoo bar dry:

1. When you’ve washed your hair, keep your shampoo bar on its end in a shower soap tray or in a separate soap tray.

2. Ideally between washes you don’t want your bar to get wet, so if you can keep it away from the shower (and other family members and flatmates if needed!) once you’ve washed your hair, it’ll last much longer.

3. Our shampoo bar formula is made to dry out quite quickly away from water, so next time you wash your hair, make sure you wet the bar before you want to wash your hair, as this will make it easier to lather.

p.s. If you didn’t see it already, here’s what British Vogue had to say about Nut and Noggin…

‘In a bid to eradicate mushy textures, the founder of homegrown British brand Nut and Noggin, Rachel Clark, got creative with the ingredients for its moisture rich bar. 

“We could see from research that people using shampoo bars had issues with waxy residue, sulphates, strong scents, mush and hair texture after washing, so we opted for a coconut-based cleansing agent to ensure the formula doesn’t strip out natural oils or irritate the scalp,” says Clark. 

“We’ve included beer because it contains proteins that boost shine, while the omega 3 oils in flaxseed help improve the health of your hair and scalp.” 

To keep the carbon footprint of the Moisture Rich Bar as low as possible, Clark also kept manufacturing in the UK. 

With the cosmetics industry responsible for 120 billion units of plastic packaging that end up in landfill each year, perhaps it’s worth persevering with not-so-dreamy hair for a few days. 

And if doing your bit for the environment isn’t feel-good factor enough, Nut and Noggin donates £1 from every sale to charities helping young people with mental health challenges.’

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