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Marie Forleo B-School Review for 2021

B-School Marie Review UK

Hi there, Rachel here, I'm a cofounder at Nut and Noggin...A few years ago, I took the plunge and invested in an online programme (one of many I've taken), called Marie Forleo's B-School. N.B. If you click on these special links, please accept the cookies so it knows you came from here! 

This year I'm SO delighted to say that I'm an official affiliate for the programme! If you're thinking of starting a business, or you already run your own show, here's my insider review and story about how you can grow with B-School...

(The affiliate link only works during active B-School launch this July 2021! 

What is B-School? According to the official Marie Forleo website, B-School is 'a six week, video-based training programme that teaches digital marketing strategies to online business owners who want more sales and more impact.'

Whether you’re brand new to business, or established and ready to grow, B‑School will challenge you to execute at your highest level.

It’s designed to turn your business into a force for good that fuels higher profits and your higher purpose. 

Who is Marie Forleo? If you listen to the Chris Evans Breakfast show on Virgin Radio, chances are you'll have heard Marie being interviewed. According to her site, Marie is 'an entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist and an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be'. This pretty much sums her up! If you watch her videos you'll also find out Marie is into dance, coaching and is one of Oprah's 'thought leaders for the next generation'.

Marie Forleo's B-School review 2021

My B-School story I took B-School after leaving my career in corporate PR. I’d lost my dad, was totally burnt out from excessive work and travel and just knew I needed a life change. B-School came at a good time. I was looking to start a new business and up-level on some of the online and digital skills I felt I’d missed out on until then.  

I followed Marie’s Youtube videos and coaching for months (!) and found so much value packed info in them. I also subscribed to the 'MF Insider' updates and so when B-School rolled around, it was a total no brainer for me to sign up.

I’d chimed with Marie’s giving back attitude and approach to being a confident woman in business. It was sooo refreshing!

Why did I buy the course? I was at a loss for direction. I'm sure you can understand that being a creative leaves you with A LOT of ideas. If you want to get more clarity on your business goals, understand your ideal target customer and be able to create irresistible offers on repeat, B-School is a great place to grow.

You do obviously need to put the work in, but from my experience, after doing the course, you'll sell more, be able to share your unique gifts and make more impact in the world. P.s. I’ve used the training videos over and over and made countless recommendations to friends before being an official affiliate!

Was it worth it?  Even though my 20 year career is in corporate marketing and PR, I still learnt SO much about how to grow my businesses from B-School. I’d made the initial investment back within about 3 months, from growing in confidence about approaching ideal clients and having irresistible offers for them, whilst adding value at every stage. You can do (I did) a monthly payment plan, which makes a lot more sense if you’re billing people monthly, which I was in my PR business.

The clarity and confidence you get from B-School is something you’ll take forward way past when the course finishes.  I’ve done other more expensive online courses and B-School is the one I keep returning to for the value it brings, especially as a female entrepreneur.

I also used the skills I learnt to launch my second business, Nut and Noggin. The lessons I learnt about communication, copywriting, online marketing and planning have helped me grow the brand from a standing start to a six figure revenue business, also being featured in Vogue, Grazia and Bazaar magazines! 

How did B-School help me to launch my business? The modules in B-School brought clarity and goal setting onto my radar. When I started out on my own after being an employee for so many years, it was a scary place. Having a community of like minded people on the Facebook group was really helpful.

The specific goal setting and planning video trainings around your business with the fun sheets was a game changer! It forced me to work through each step of what I wanted to see for growth in a consistent way and the weekly lesson timings were good to look forward to! I still return to some of the lessons and bonuses even four years later!

How did B-School help my businesses to grow? Going through B-School helped me to gain clarity on my PR business (note that creative souls can sometimes be wayward when it comes to getting clear with all those ideas and possibilities in our heads!).

Rachel Clark founder at Nut and Noggin

Because of B-School (and private coaching), I now feel totally aligned with the clients and customers I choose to work with.

Who is B-School not for? If you're not willing to put in the learning time by switching off all those distractions and tuning in to the weekly lessons and calls, I wouldn't recommend B-School to you. To get the most out of it, you'll need to dedicate at least 1/2 day each week to do the lessons and the fun sheets, to ensure you get a clear path to profit for your business! It's not for people who just dabble - go all in and you'll get your rewards!

You also need to take massive, inspired action to get results in any business venture. Being able to overcome fear, uncertainty and have a positive mindset are also essential for success. 

Would I recommend B-School then? If you’re just starting out in business, or if you’ve been going for a while but you’re looking for the next level, B-School is for you. B-School helped me to turbo charge my offers, my sales and marketing and importantly, how to create a business that gives back and has more impact in the world. You also come away with clarity and confidence, which to me is priceless!

Out of the many online courses I've taken, I believe that B-School is by far the best value for money, with the most impactful strategies for success. I wouldn't be an affiliate for some of the other business courses I've taken, as I believe B-School has made the biggest impact on my business journey.

As you can probably see by now, I fully believe in the power of this work, given my personal experience with the B-School course and will earn a referral fee if you purchase the program through my link. Don't forget to accept all cookies on their website so they know you came from here! Thanks x