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Everything you ever needed to know about using a shampoo bar

Everything you ever needed to know about using a shampoo bar

2 months ago


Everything you ever needed to know about using a shampoo bar

2 months ago

Everything you ever needed to know about using a shampoo bar

Want to do your bit to avoid plastic pollution? Say hello to shampoo bars: with plant based ingredients and cruelty free credentials, these travel-friendly hair saviours are just the thing for a more sustainable life.

If you feel like the world is out of control, it’s time to take charge and make changes that make you feel better. 

A good start is making every day a good hair day and, in the process, helping save the planet by banning plastics from your bathroom, toiletry kit and recycling.

That’s where shampoo bars come in. Here's everything you ever needed to know about using a shampoo bar...

More concentrated than traditional shampoos (there's no need for all that water found in liquid shampoos), so you’ll use less product each wash. 

And while we’re saving water, shampoo bars also help us save our oceans, avoiding the need for 17million plastic shampoo bottles bought in the UK each year. 

Plastic free shampoo bars tend to last longer than their bottled friends—60 to 80 washes per bar, meaning less trips to the shops.

A staggering million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute so we’re happy to skip those, thank you. 

These bars also keep your vanity, bath and shower looking Marie Kondo minimalist. 

When you’re finally packing for your next getaway, toss a shampoo bar into your bag. No worries about spillage as our customs friends won’t need to pilfer through your bags to check your liquids. 

Plus, you’ll never have to rely on the hotel’s shampoo product choices again! 

Here are some of the main questions we get about using a shampoo bar:

What is plastic free shampoo? 

Plastic free shampoo is a solid shampoo bar formulation with no added filler or water added. Water usually makes up about 95% of an average plastic bottled shampoo, which make it heavy to transport and therefore creates more environmental impact.

How do I use a shampoo bar?

Even if you're a little bit scared of shampoo bars (like we were), here are a few top tips that'll help you get the most from your Nut and Noggin bar:

1. Recycle or upcycle your packaging (we made it beautiful so you can use it again).

2. Wet your hair in the shower or bath.

3. With wet hands, rub the shampoo bar between your hands to produce some good lather and suds. Then with the lather on your hands, gently massage it into your head and hair.

4. You might find you need to lather up a couple of times if you're in a hard water area or if you have thicker hair.

5. Make sure you give your scalp a good massage too, as the oils in the shampoo bar will give it condition and make everything feel lovely. This also helps with hair growth and dandruff.

6. Rinse your hair and condition if needed (we're working on a conditioner bar for our next launch!).

7. Stand your shampoo bar on its end and somewhere dry to keep it lasting longer between washes.

8. Enjoy soft, smooth and tangle free locks and just watch those heads turn!


How long does it take for hair to get used to a shampoo bar? 

There’s no adjustment period necessary for a good quality formula of shampoo bar - the reason we founded Nut and Noggin was to make a product that was just as good as a liquid shampoo.

Do shampoo bars actually work?

Yes, shampoo bars do actually work! Don’t be thinking that they’re soap - you should look for a shampoo bar with gentle cleansing agents and sulphate free ingredients to ensure your hair doesn’t dry out. 

Do shampoo bars work on coloured hair?

Sulphate free shampoo bars are more gentle on your colour, so yes most shampoo bars work well on dyed hair.

Do I need a separate conditioner bar?

If you’re used to using a conditioner then we recommend you continue when you use a shampoo bar. We’ve added conditioning oils like coconut and flax in our shampoo bars, and many customers only use one step, especially if they want more volume or for hair to feel and look thicker.

How do I look after my shampoo bar? 

When you’ve used your shampoo bar, simply store away from water in between washes. We looked at tins but found customers find them messy. We’ve formulated a ‘non mush’ shampoo bar as this was a pet peeve of our customers too! 

Do shampoo bars leave residue?

A good quality shampoo bar should leave no residue. If you’re usually use a shampoo that contains sulphates - or sodium laureate sulphate (SLS), you might feel your hair feels a little thicker when you make the switch to shampoo bars without sulphates. Sulphates can really strip the natural oils from your hair and scalp.

Do I need a vinegar rinse? 

Depending on which shampoo bar you use, you don’t need a vinegar rinse. If you're looking to follow the 'no poo' method, there are some amazing blogs out there, like this one that explains what to do.

Do shampoo bars work in hard water areas? 

You may find that your shampoo bar lathers less than a sulphate shampoo, but your shampoo bar should still work in hard water areas. We’ve formulated Nut and Noggin’s to work well in hard water areas because our cofounders live in hard water areas!

How does a solid shampoo bar work?

Solid shampoo bars are made with shampoo ingredients specifically for your hair. Beware of any bars that contain soap (saponified oils) as these can play havoc on your hair health.

Do shampoo bars work on curly hair?

As long as you choose a sulphate free shampoo bar that contains hydrating oils, shampoo bars work well on curly hair.

At Nut and Noggin, we opt for colourful and chic recyclable materials for our packaging. We deliver right to your door, or monthly, which saves on being faced with a wall of plastic bottles on your supermarket shop. 

Sulphate-free, our shampoo bars are healthy for your hair and the planet. The vegan bars, made with beer and organic flax seed oil, are cruelty free and plastic free.

One more bit of good news: Nut & Noggin donates £1 for every bar to help young people with mental health challenges. 

Nut & Noggin—joy and care and with amazing hair. Made with love in England.

Have you given us a try? Make the switch today!



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