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Do shampoo bars leave a residue and is there an adjustment period?

A year ago


Do shampoo bars leave a residue and is there an adjustment period?

A year ago

Are you thinking of making the switch to using a shampoo bar and you’re interested to find out how it works?

Lots of customers ask whether you get a residue and whether there’s an adjustment period when you switch to shampoo bars, as some can leave a waxy build up.

Curly girl shampoo bar Nut and Noggin

The good news is we’ve formulated Nut and Noggin’s sulphate free, vegan shampoo bars to mean there’s no transition period between switching from a liquid, plastic bottled shampoo. 

Planet friendly shampoo 

Made by beauty industry insiders in the UK, Nut and Noggin’s shampoo bars are also a great way to save water and plastic. More concentrated than liquid shampoo, you use less product each wash and shipping is less impactful on the environment due to our packaging’s compact design. 

One hundred and sixty seven million plastic shampoo bottles are bought in the UK every year, meaning shampoo bars are also helping to save our oceans from plastic pollution.

Plastic free shampoo bars last up to 60-80 washes, which is twice as long as bottled liquid shampoo. Our shampoo bars have zero plastic as we use recyclable packaging and they’re also vegan, cruelty free and sulphate free.

How to use a shampoo bar

You can use your shampoo bar just as you would use liquid shampoo: wet your hair in the shower or bath then massage the shampoo into your hair and rinse it out.

The only difference is that you rub the shampoo bar between your wet hands to produce good lather and suds, then massage the lather into your hair, making sure you massage your scalp too, as the oils in the shampoo bar will make it feel lovely and help with hair growth and dandruff. 

If you’re in a hard water area or you have thicker hair, you might need to lather up a couple of times. We recommend you do thicker, longer hair in sections too to ensure you get plenty of lather and product to cleanse your hair thoroughly.

How to store a shampoo bar

The easiest way to avoid a mushy shampoo bar is to keep it away from water in between washes, so that it stays dry and doesn’t turn to mush by the next time you use it. 

You could also put it in a soap dish away from the water, to ensure that it stays dry and in good condition, but don’t keep it in a tin; stand it on its end so that it can drain out the water and stay dry in between washes.

Does a shampoo bar leave any waxy residue?

A good quality shampoo bar should leave no residue. If you usually use a shampoo that contains sulphates, your hair might feel a little thicker when you convert to using shampoo bars without sulphates. 

To ensure you don’t get any residue, it’s best to work up a good lather through all your hair, to make sure it’s properly cleansed. Nut and Noggin’s shampoo bar gives you moisturising, hydrating ingredients and soft, shiny hair without leaving any waxy residue.


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